32 Weeks – Parent Craft, Decorating and Scans.

Last Saturday we attended a ‘Parent Craft’ class. We had been invited by my midwife who had given a gushing speech about how useful they are. Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised and had a lovely day. The class was held at the hospital, and was a ‘take it in turns to introduce yourself’ affair. There were ten couples in total, and all were totally different. One couple refused to wear their name labels, and sat with their arms folded throughout the first half of the session. They didn’t speak a word to the rest of the group, except “we are worried about incompetent medical staff”, which caused a bit of an awkward silence, and then didn’t come back from their lunch break for the second half. The leader took us through subjects that we decided we wanted to cover as a group, touching on baby bathing, baby sleeping, baby feeding and things like different approaches to parenting and what to remember at the birth etc.

The weekend was also spent decorating the nursery. Still fixed on ‘Tiffany Box Blue’, we trawled B&Q for the perfect paint shade. I had never painted a room before, except for once when I was very little: I had insisted on a half green, half orange bedroom (don’t ask why) and was probably more hindering than helping the grown ups. As our home is a new build, the nursery room had four white walls. One wall has our tall-mirrored wardrobes, and now the window-wall is painted in ‘Up Beat’! It only took one coat of paint and looks so much better than I was expecting! The other two walls are staying white, but we are adding wall stickers next week, after we have added the cot and the changing table. We are going for trees on the white-walls. Photos to follow- work in progress. I cannot wait for the finished result, and suddenly feel like painting the whole house.


Sunday we had booked a 4D scan, following the recommendations of friends. Unfortunately baby was in a difficult position and so the scan had to be re-booked for next weekend. But we did get some perfect 2Dphotos of her face and feet and a DVD of her. Why can’t I watch this DVD without crying?! I just wish she would hurry up so that we can meet her! We could have only five weeks to go if baby arrived the early side of on time, and I have begun packing the hospital bag today.


(Baby’s face is on the right with her right hand and arm lifted to the side of her head)

Poppy's foot

(Baby’s left foot and ankle)

In other news, I have done my dance exam the weekend before last and I finish work in twelve shifts-its so nearly time for a big rest!!

Also, this article is really interesting, about how professional dancers carry on practice during pregnancy: http://www.behindballet.com/waiting-for-baby-what-our-dancers-do-while-theyre-pregnant/



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