30 Weeks – I’m Feeling Lucky.

Upon discovering our happy news, one of my first decisions was “we’ll go private”. I didn’t mind paying, and after all the recent headlines slating NHS services and lack-lustre nurses my mind was temporarily made up. An awkward phone call to my GP minutes after the positive result appeared backed up my decision, and I still feel today that who ever I spoke to should have had the words ready to make me feel at ease. Perhaps this man should have been a mechanic, and not a doctor? Had he been speaking about my catalytic converter I would have trusted him implicitly.

I have since changed my mind, as unusually for me, I developed a “lets see how it goes” approach. I have been thrilled with the service I have been issued from the NHS since December. I have had a better experience in certain examination rooms than I have had on some airlines, and I can’t say I have ever flown budget. I can honestly say, absolute hand on heart that I have been cared for with the utmost vigilance. Whooping cough vaccination? Flu Jab? I had no idea that I needed these. Luckily these clever people wrote to me and invited me-free of charge- to receive said treatment at a time that suited my work-schedule. I have a midwife who warms her hands before she touches me, who has given me her personal mobile number, who has asked me a thousand questions to double-check that I am happy and doing OK. If I do ever get a worry or concern, I have been given a contact number for a 24 hour line to speak directly to a midwife or doctor. This number has been sent to me through to post, it has been texted to me, it has been emailed to me, it has been printed on my care record notes, it has been put into my hand bag on a handy credit card type thingy, it is re-issued to me at each and every appointment. I could not misplace this number if I wanted to. I have phoned this number once. I was given advice from a professional over the phone, and then a call back three hours later to check my symptoms had calmed. They had. I had a brief spell in hospital where I was given a room and as many snacks as I could have possibly wanted, as well as re-assuring smiley faces and test results. I have a home visit booked in so that they can check I am in a safe environment and to check that I have everything I need to look after a baby. I have folders full of leaflets/postcards/free samples. I have been totally awed, and am so pleased that I decided to stay with the NHS baby service. How lucky we are!

Today is 30 weeks. A full term birth can happen anytime between 37 and 42 weeks. This means there could be as little as 7 weeks remaining. My recent days off have been filled with tiny little laundry, and actually my baby has a pretty healthy wardrobe! Why is it so much more enjoyable when you’re washing and ironing tiny little sleeves and hems? We have bought our own stuff, but then have had kind gifts from friends and family too. Our next big-buy will be a changing table and a cot. Babies do not require a cot until 6 months old but we want to buy it now so that we can complete the nursery. Next stage will be to decorate the nursery and then we are almost finished-phew!




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