29 Weeks – You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

I have a bad habit with dresses. After the first ‘wear’ I fall totally out of love with them and do not want to wear again. This makes things hard because it means that I need a new dress for each and every occasion that warrants a dress. This is a lot of occasions, I am not a jeans girl-They just don’t fit me. Particularly, if I have had my photo taken in one particular dress I also cannot and will not wear it again until I have forgotten about it. I feel that people will think I cannot afford new clothes if they see me in the same thing over and over! I do know this is ridiculous, but people do judge, no matter what they say. Over the past three or so years (when I reached the sensible stage of realizing I simply can’t keep throwing money into department stores-after all, I had a wedding to pay for), I have developed a fail-safe solution: the dress is worn, washed, ironed and then put carefully away for several months, or until the next season, somewhere I can’t see it by accident. This means that by the time I come back to this dress it has been forgotten about and brings the same elation as when it was brand new! Some might call that type of behavior thrifty!

I have hit a wall with my dress-recycling system. My expanding circumference means I have no chance of getting into these recycled dresses, and so I have had to start the whole cycle again, except with maternity sizes. Maternity clothes are rubbish. There is only about six shops in the whole of Meadowhall that actually stocks any maternity wear, and even then most of it is jeans with a leggings-tummy panel or an embarrassing T-shirt with a caption like “Does my bump look big in this?!”, or something else equally as cringe-y. I will not be wearing anything with cheeky slogans emblazoned (Thank-you very much). I have tried two sizes bigger than normal; a size 14 is about appropriate just now, and with certain cuts of dress (tunic with a thin waist belt) looks very nice. Other cuts (skater, pinafore, cap-sleeve, shift) look huge everywhere except the tummy, and fall inappropriately down or roll unflatteringly up.

I just knew this would turn into a fashion blog.

I love Kate Middleton and everything that she wears is gorgeous. I don’t know where she found her maternity clothes but she must have needed an ordinance-survey map and a compass.

big tummy

This weekend marks 29 weeks. I have a suspicion that baby will arrive early and so this means there is only ten weeks to go! We still have a few bits and bobs to buy, but I am feeling all-together very prepared. I am finding the whole experience much more enjoyable now (must be my second wind!), the attention I am getting is fantastic! My tummy is rubbed by curious hands at least three times each day, one girl at work insisted she was feeling what was unmistakably a leg, I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was my leggings elastic… I have also had my first instance of a stranger having a feel too. It was at a cash point in town, I jumped to the conclusion that he was going to steal my handbag, and there was an awkward moment of eye contact as I snatched my belongings into my other hand. In my defence he was wearing a baseball cap with three stripes on it, but I wont be so quick to judge in future, and not just because I nearly gave myself whiplash. Anyway, he had placed his hand on me for about a fifth of a second and said “awww” before snatching it away and moving on, probably more embarrassed than I was.

I am keeping active and can’t bear to be sitting for too long. I have my dancing exam in a couple of weeks and so practise is keeping me fit without having to do too much. I have put on nine pounds already; I don’t mind really, it is a treat look in the mirror without willing myself to look smaller. Davina McCall said of ‘post-baby-bodies’ that there is no rush to lose weight: “Nine months up…nine months down”. I am feeling very lucky that everything is going so smoothly. I did have a very brief spell in hospital a couple of weeks ago, but testing confirmed that everything was normal and no need to worry (It also meant I got an extra scan which was a treat). I haven’t blogged for a while because I did not want to focus on the negative. I have had a few weeks of worry, nothing at all serious, just my own self doubt, but I am feeling so much better now and am full of excitement. My energy is totally up. I have 26 working days to go and am so ready to start this new chapter.

new look dressnewlook dress

This emerald dress is from New Look and is their maternity range. I like the pleated neck. The cardigan is Debenhams and is not maternity-wear.

deb dress

This one is Red Herring at Debenhams. A t-shirt shape with elastic waist. I think my favourite thing in the world is an elastic waist!


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