19 Weeks : Coconut

“Your baby is the size of a coconut.”

 I can’t remember the last time I came across a coconut, but I know I needed two hands to hold it. It seems that a lot of growing is happening in a very short time! Thank goodness for my stretchy jeans and my skater dresses.

Our next scan is March 7th, and we are going to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. I am convinced that she is a girl. I can just feel that she is a girl! Some people say that if you get sickness at the beginning then its usually indicative that you are having a girl- the extra oestrogen makes you poorly. I was quite sick. I had pictured myself with a baby boy right from being small and playing with Tiny Tears. I had the girl Tiny Tears, but I desperately wanted the boy dolly.  (I did eventually get the boy Tiny Tears, but I didn’t like him as much because his legs were too stiff). If she does turn out to be a boy, of course I will be delighted (stiff legs or not), but it will be such a shock! Oliver and I made up our minds to find out the gender weeks ago, I am still undecided if we are going to share this information with family and friends or keep it as a surprise for them. It might be a little bit obvious when we start buying clothes and things though…

Tiny Tears

The baby heart listener we bought is fantastic. There was some initial concern (“why is her heart going so slowly?!”), but we quickly learned that we could hear my own heart in my stomach as well as the baby’s! It is useful to listen to and helps to pinpoint her positioning. It is slightly worrying when you can’t find the clear heartbeat immediately though, it definitely takes practise and patience.

I didn’t really plan to write this week. It is getting more and more clear that we have a lot of shopping and buying and spending to do, and I really don’t have time for things like sitting at a desk and typing! I thought it might be useful for me to write a list, and to cross off each time we buy items from it. That way we wont forget anything vital!

Here is my list:

Crib basket and stand

Blankets for Crib

Baby Bath and bath stand

Bottles and dummies

Steriliser Unit

Pram and Car Seat

Baby carrier harness thingy

Changing mat

Changing Table

Cot and bedding

Bouncer seat

Changing Bag

Baby monitors

Bedroom Lamp

High Chair

Play mat

No doubt I have forgotten loads of stuff, but these are the items that we have agreed are essential and cannot-live-without. Anyway, best to get cracking, I plan to get one item each week. I can’t believe we only have on item from the list! Failure to prepare is to prepare to fail! Bye!


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