Five Weeks – A Poppy Seed

I had been advised to take a pregnancy test by a close work colleague, but refusing to jump to conclusions, and figuring that it was impossible (due to recent precautions!), I put it off for another week. I had been off work sick. My only symptom was actually being unable to get out of bed, feeling totally exhausted. I felt guilty because this is no excuse for a sick day, and I resent people who whine about being “too tired”. I considered the idea of a positive result and decided it couldn’t hurt to at least check. I had flipped back four pages in my diary, taking me to 28 days previous. Nothing. I flipped back another two, and there was the familiar looking biro circling the dates I was looking for. I quickly calculated that this made me a whole 14 days late. Not exactly the clockwork reliability that comes with taking contraception.

Being too exhausted to get dressed and call in the shops, I added a Pregnancy Test to my online supermarket order and decided I would allow the few days between ordering and delivery to let nature catch up with me. Not a sensible decision, I soon realised, as waiting isn’t easy, and I am not the most patient of girls. The shopping arrived a few days later and I delayed a little more by putting everything away before testing time. I knew how they worked, but still read and re-read the instructions whilst staring at the test window. There were two bold blue lines only seconds after using. And they stayed the full three minutes. I couldn’t do anything but stare. I reached for my phone, and then put it down. I couldn’t break the news over the phone. I stood up and walked around. I sat down. I did not know what to do with myself. What do you do? Why does nobody tell you what to do at this point? I turned to Google and dialled my GP.Image

The receptionist wasn’t very helpful, asking ridiculous questions that I couldn’t answer. She arranged for a Doctor to call me back and he did. He had nothing to say except that its very early days and congratulate me. But he did arrange for a prescription of vitamins to be left at reception for me to collect. Elated by nerves and sudden worry (what about that glass of wine I had on my Birthday?), I had got ready and arranged to collect Oliver from work after collecting my prescription. We went to an empty restaurant on Ecclesall Road and sat in a booth while I psyched myself to answer his questions about what was on my mind.

“We are going to be having a baby.” I had blurted out, a bit quicker and squeakier than how I had planned to announce this happy news. I sat back and watched his lovely face spread into the biggest smile. He was delighted, which meant that so was I. We rushed the food and called for another two tests on the way home, to make double sure. Again despite the instructions saying to wait a full three minutes for a positive result, the two lines were clear by the time I got back to the bedroom and sat on the bed with Oliver. We both looked again and we both cried.


I have never felt so lucky in all my life. We have a beautiful new house; good, reliable jobs and now we were going to have a tiny third person to complete our little family. I feel so excited for the rest of my life. What a secret to keep!


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